My passion has always been preserving the moment. Before I became a photographer, I was a painter. As a painter, I looked into the past and studied artists like Vincent Van Gogh and other impressionist for inspirations. In doing so, I was missing out on what was in front of me. The passing of a dear friend made me realize that the moment I need to share is now, not in the past. I picked up my first SLR camera and discovered a whole new world through the lens.

Photography is about living in the moment. It is the feeling of the first kiss you shared. Nothing else exists except for that other person in front of you. It is the feeling you have when you fall in love, so full of joy you want to share it with the world. Photography is a way of sharing those feelings. Now that you have found your soulmate, you are looking for someone who will use a camera and paint with light to capture a reflection of the love you feel for each other.

It matters to me that I capture the way you look at each other, the way you smile and the sparkles in your eyes. Great photography takes a commitment from both of us and how we connect with each other. Before the Big Day arrives I encourage my couples to go on an ADVENTURE session with me for a couple of hours so we can get to know each other.